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Welcome to the Weblutions issue and feedback tracker. This system allows up to keep on top of your great requests along with monitor bug reports more effectively.

This site covers all our maintained products. If a product isn't listed here get in contact with us directly.

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FaxStore Key: faxstore
Issues: 139
Open Issues: 28
Feedback: 78
Open Feedback: 35
Archived: No
FaxDocs Key: faxdocs
Issues: 11
Open Issues: 5
Feedback: 1
Open Feedback: 1
Archived: No
FaxCAD Key: faxcad
Issues: 6
Open Issues: 0
Feedback: 2
Open Feedback: 2
Archived: No
FaxTrack Key: faxtrack
Issues: 21
Open Issues: 5
Feedback: 19
Open Feedback: 0
Archived: No
FaxUp Key: faxup
Issues: 19
Open Issues: 6
Feedback: 4
Open Feedback: 2
Archived: No
FaxDesk Key: faxdesk
Issues: 5
Open Issues: 3
Feedback: 9
Open Feedback: 7
Archived: No
WebForms Key: webforms
Issues: 30
Open Issues: 2
Feedback: 6
Open Feedback: 3
Archived: No