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Ability to link FaxStore accounts to FaxDesk

By WildFyr |


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Not sure how possible this might be but for the people with FaxStore maybe a way to link them so when you go to the FaxDesk login page it will show a little button that says "Log in with your _____ account" and the _____ replaced with the name of the user's store (ex. "Log in with your Weblutions account" or "Log in with your WildFyr Development account"). Also have a hyperlink on the ticket for staff to see that will lead directly to the users account on FaxStore, making it easier to link back to. Would make it easier for end users so they wouldn't have to link their Discord to 2 separate websites or if standard logins come to FaxDesk they wouldn't have to make totally separate accounts and it's also easier for staff because they could easily link back the the users account. Obviously make this optional as not everyone whom has FaxDesk has FaxStore but would make it super beneficial to people who have both already.


By WildFyr |

Is this something that is even possible to be implemented? Or is it not possible to be done? I think this could really help out users who are planning to use the store outside of it's connection to Discord. Could also make the FaxDesk be a lot more coherent with the other Weblutions products.

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