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#1953 – FaxCAD spits out error if not restarted frequently.
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FaxCAD spits out error if not restarted frequently.

By ZhivGaming |


  • Status: Solved

  • Affects Version(s): 1.2

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  • Fix Version: 1.2.1

  • Category: Front-end


Expectation: Expect to NOT have to restart it frequently.

Currently: I'm restarting it every 24 to 36 hours manually (haven't created a restart script yet).

It's running on a Linux VPS (Linode) with 2GB RAM (Haven't upgraded to the recommended 4GB yet, but I gave the Linode a 1GB Swap, just in case, but it doesn't seem to use it.

Steps to reproduce: Honestly, just leave it running for a bit on a 2GB VPS. Have folks connect to it from time to time. I'll leave a link to mine if need be.

Attached, please find the error.json

I could be a back-end issue, but I chose Front-end because it spits out a visible error from time to time to my users.



By Hyperscale |

Resolved. New version released.

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